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Technology Replacing Human Beings – How

It is no more human hands operating the machines but machines operating on humans. Today`s world has become the world of robots and it has completely taken over human efforts. The introduction of machines has completely ruled out and ended human era in almost all walks of life.  This might be very economical and efficient from the production point of view but results in complete elimination of human labor affecting livelihoods everywhere.

Technology is making a monstrous growth in mainly three sectors-agriculture, services and manufacturing. Though currently it requires manual assistance, in near future it will all become automated and the factory sites and workplaces will become humanless.

Agriculture –  although this is something which cannot have too much impact by the latest technological advancements, it also has fallen a prey to the modern era. The chemical and biological revolution has put many American farmers out of work and soon the paddy fields will become factory fields where robots will completely replace farmers.

Manufacturing – the manufacturing industry requires a robots finesse in placing together equipment that a human might not be able to. Automation has made the mass manufacture of cars and other packaged food so much easier. Thanks to mechanization, a factory is no longer a place where a large workforce can be employed thereby contributing to the economy.

Service – the service sector mainly involves the white collared jobs, which needs thinking and thought process. People think that this slavery, and that machines can’t really enter this domain. With the introduction and invention of thinking machines, the hope of employing the unemployed in these sectors has also been eradicated. This machine is designed to think and react like a human being. It can perform all activities involving deep thinking and in fact does it faster than the human brains.