What are benefits of investing in Singapore real estate?

The economy in the city is rather stable with high employment rates. And with the increasing importance of Asian markets for leading manufacturers and exporters of industrial goods more and more companies from western countries are establishing a foothold in Singapore.  It is a good place to work for skilled and highly educated employees. However, retirees may find it too expensive for a fixed budget, unless, of course, you are a multi-millionaire.

What does an investor get for his investment in a lake grande condo?

Well, besides all the recreational and business opportunities in the surrounding areas this condo complex offers a complete set of amenities and facilities. Starting at the entrance, the Lake Grande complex has a guard house with guard service, a clubhouse, an indoor gym, a room for entertainment and parties, tennis courts, a sun deck, and swimming pool. Yet, this is not all. There are more facilities. Among them, an aqua gym, a Yoga deck (what else could it be in an Asian country), BBQ areas and an outdoor fitness court, and, finally, a children’s playground.

Why Lake Grande condos?

·    Because the complex is located in a very desirable area of Singapore.

·    Because it is near Jurong Gateway and Lakeside Precinct, business, recreation and leisure hubs.

lake grande

·    Because it is close to public transportation.

·    They are located within a few minutes from primary and secondary schools; only five minutes away from the well-respected Canadian International Schools.

·    The condos are close to major shopping centers, such as JEM, Westgate, Big Box, and more.

Lake Gardens nearby offer outdoor and sports activities.

The  Singapore-KL High Speed Rail station near the Jurong Country Club will certainly add even more value to lake grande condos. In the future, people can get to Kuala Lumpur from there in 90 minutes by train.